Project Minimizing: Grocery Budget Week 2

I am happy to report that I actually looked forward to grocery shopping this week, despite the fact that I needed to adhere to my minimized new budget.

I tried to reframe my thoughts in the following ways:
– Why can’t this challenge be a positive thing? Challenging yourself helps you grow!
– How is it negative to learn how to fully utilize every penny you earn in a meaningful way?

Sure, it can be stressful at times, but I am trying to focus on being truly grateful for what I have and not focusing on what I do not have, which definitely helps.

Here is what I purchased with my $30/week grocery budget:

– 1 Baby scoop of strawberry peppercorn gelato  ($1.50)…a girl has needs you know!

Splendora has the best flavors!!

– Organic dried mango (.314 lb for $3.76)…yes, sort of a splurge, but trust, with the amount of granola I make, it will be used.
– Organic chia seeds from the bulk bin (.13 lb for $1.75)
– 1 Avocado ($1.19)
– 1 Organic golden delicious apple ($0.74)…that’s what happens when you forget your fruit at home : /
– My very first basil plant, purchased at the farmer’s market ($2.00)…the pesto will be flowing alllll summer : )
– ORGANIC BLUEBERRIES on sale from $5.99 to $1.99 ($4.00 for 2 pints) !!! They were having a super sale at Whole Foods and were my first blueberry purchase of the season.
– Organic popcorn (.48 lb for $0.96)
– Dry great northern beans (.59 lb for $1.17)
– 4 Bananas ($0.98)
– Twin Oaks tofu ($3.49)…I am happy to pay a little more because it is local AND organic!
– Shredded parmesan ($2.70)
– 1 Cucumber ($0.39)
– 3 Kiwis ($1.17)
– 2 Zucchinis ($0.93)
– Ginger root (.24 lb for $0.29)
– 2 Large tomatoes ($1.33)
– 1 Shallot ($0.22)
Grand Total (tax included): $30.68 

Only $0.68 over this week, buuuuut I found $6.00 in extra change (woot!), so I just deducted the extra from that, so it was a win win!

Some of the dishes yielded with my newly purchased items + “pre-owned” ingredients:

– Chocolate Blueberry Banana Green Smoothie

– Mango granola
– Avocado Pesto
– “Cheese” crackers
– Buffalo Tofu
– Shallot vinaigrette

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!


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