Likes and Updates

Holy guacamole!!! There is so much to update you all on and I am not sure where to start so I will just jump right in…

1. I have fallen in love with:

*Tweaks: I did not add the parsley, chives, Daiya cheese (I used the real stuff) or nutritional yeast*

  • Broccoli “meatballs” from Vegetarian Times. I have made these a few times already and no matter which spices and nuts I substitute, they always turn out great. photo 1 (4)

2. I learned to ski! The motto “you’re never too old” definitely holds true. Despite learning alongside baby nuggests ranging ages 4-6, I am proud of myself for pursuing a new skill…even if I did wipe out a time (or four).

photo 2 (5)

photo 1 (5)

3. My friend introduced me to this great FREE app: Skin Deep. It essentially allows you to quickly see if the personal care products you are using are potentially harmful. I’m not going to lie, I actually enjoyed scanning products at the store. It was easy and generated helpful results in seconds.

4. I created a new recipe for Food & Nutrition Magazine! It’s a (Vegan) Moroccan Farro and Lentil Soup. An easy to follow AND make recipe that is jam packed with flavor AND vegetables (note the all caps…I am excited). I will happily share the recipe once it is published!

photo 2 (4)

5. Grain salads are my new go-to meal/side choice. I have been playing around with quinoa, barley, bulgur, farro and kamut and am loving the versatility of all of these nutrient dense grains. Some combos include:

  • quinoa + craisins + avocado + cucumbers + tomatoes + lemon vinaigrette
  • barley + cumin + lime juice + cilantro + red onions + olive oil
  • farro + red lentils + coconut oil + curry powder + onion + raisins + spinachphoto 3 (3)

6. I bought a $30 yoga pass for 30 days (unlimited). This act was inspired by the fact that I have a birthday coming up and was brainstorming ways to take better care of myself in 2015 (both mind and body). This pass was an excellent choice and I am already reaping the benefits of the many classes WHY has to offer. It is never too late or too early to find ways to better the quality of your life.


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