5 Health Tips from a Dietetic Intern

Part of my 90 step “morning commute”

1. Plank Before Breakfast and Dance Before Dinner
When I am pressed for time and cannot go for a “traditional” workout, I pepper mini workouts into my day. This may mean a few 60 second planks when I get out of bed, 40 squats while I watch a TV show or a crazy 20 minute dance session in my living room…anything to get my heart pumping and my muscles tingling. Your body doesn’t care if you’re in your pjs, so don’t let that be an excuse!

2. Be a Water Fiend
I drink a bottle of water before every meal to make sure my hunger and thirst cues are not getting confused. I carry a reusable glass bottle so that I never have an excuse not to be well hydrated.

3. Veggies First
I love vegetables, but sometimes the piece of dark chocolate (which I plan on dipping in almond butter) looks far more appealing. So to make sure I get what my body needs to fuel itself, I eat the veggies first and if I still have room, I enjoy my chocolate after : )

4. Walk
Being in a busier city this year makes walking far more appealing than fighting to parallel park in an impossibly small space. If it’s 2 miles or less one way, I walk. Walking has become my preferred method of travel and it has allowed me to explore the city even more than I would have by vehicle. Did I mention the extra calories burned? Yeah, it’s a win win.

5. Have an Open Mind
Before this year I was not a huge fan of beets, despite their health benefits. I made it my goal to find a way I liked to eat them and low and behold, roasted beet chips with “herbs de provence” are now my fave! You may not like the first thing you make with a new healthy food ingredient, but try something new the next time and you may surprise yourself with a new food obsession.


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