New Place, New Restaurants (East Side Edition)

First of all, I had a total memory lapse and forgot to share that one of my recipes was featured in the Food & Nutrition Magazine blog earlier this month. If I were you I would check it out!!

I also realized that I have yet to share all of the great new restaurants that I have found over the past six weeks in my new city. Sorry for the lack of pictures, I was too busy eating to take a moment to pull out my i-phone, it won’t happen again.

East Side Restaurants (Aug/Sep):

– Best Tofu Tacos: Steel Cactus
Three corn tortilla stuffed tacos with pico de gallo, avocado sauce, corn and crispy tofu…delicious, vegetarian and filling! I always take home leftovers, which makes it a double win.

Best Crepes: Crepes Parisiennes
I have had the french toast crepe and the macaroon crepe (both sweet) and am always beyond satisfied. The french toast crepe actually had a thin layer of egg baked into it (separate from the actual crepe) which was delightful and paired well with the maple syrup. They have savory options as well, which come with yummy field green salads.

Best Bread Pudding: La Feria
Possibly the most decadent dessert I have had in a long time. I was craving a dense, rich and fall appropriate dessert and this dish met all of the requirements. It is a substantial portion of nutmeg-seasoned bread pudding (with raisins) drizzled in a thick caramel sauce and topped with whipped cream. Definitely more than enough to share and if you’re being a mindful eater I would highly recommend splitting it.

– Best Side Salad: Girasole
It is not too difficult to make a delicious salad; however, sometimes when it is not a main dish, the salad is a pitiful pile of lettuce with a few slivers of carrots thrown in. At Girasole, although I had a pasta dish, I could have been satisfied with the appetizer salad alone. It was the perfect mix of greens, red onions, olives, garbanzo beans, gorgonzola and sunflower vinaigrette. Light and scrumptious and devoured within minutes!

Best Brunch Donuts: E2
If you are eating them solely for brunch then one order is more than enough. These heavenly doughnut holes are a perfect fusion of crisp outside and doughy center. I split an order with 3 other friends as an appetizer which worked out splendidly. We ordered the berry white doughnuts which came in a fresh berry sauce and were sprinkled with powdered sugar. If sweet is not your thing they also have savory zeppoli (fried dough) to satisfy your doughnut craving.

Best Crepe Hotcakes: Pamela’s
I took my dad here for the relaxed, diner atmosphere and the extensive brunch/lunch menu. They are known for their crepe hotcakes which are a fusion of, well a crepe and a pancake, silly! They are thin like a crepe, but have the flavor and consistency of a pancake with the added bonus of crispy edges. I ordered the standard hotcakes, which were plain with a hint of maple syrup, but the diner also offers specialty hot cakes as well (banana-chocolate, strawberry, etc.). Definitely a great post-run brunch spot.

– Best Noodle Shop: Noodlehead
Simple menu, simple dishes, great flavor. You know a restaurant is good when they have a short menu. Yes, there may not be a ton of variety, but what they offer is done well and the portions are quite generous. The noodles are scrumptious and the tofu (don’t worry they have other protein sources) was perfectly done.  


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