New City…New Kitchen

Well hello again, I have missed you! I moved into my new apartment exactly 9 days ago and am finally unpacked and settled…for the most part. It is funny how I always forget how exhausting moving can be, both mentally and physically, even though I have done it countless times. It is probably for the best that I somewhat “black out” the experience or else I would probably never move again, ha!

Now on to more important things. Without further adieu…meet my new stove:

Let us describe him as an antique model, with lots of character, awesome (button operated) burners, but not a lot of  oven capabilities. As most of you know, my love for cooking, started with baking. Unfortunately, I will probably not be able to do much baking this year due to technical and time constraints (dietetic internship). This will be an adjustment, but I am thinking this change will spark some creative new ways to make some old favorites…can you say panini-maker cookies?? Well, maybe not that crazy, but I am looking forward to sharing some inventive ways to “bake” when an oven is not involved.

– Chocolate peanut butter banana overnight oats for breakfast and kiwi, grapefruit, pineapple fruit salad for snack (such a refreshing combo I tell ya!)
– Great group of interns…seriously, it is going to be a fun year!
– Awesome director and staff
– Exciting and abundant rotation opportunities
– Rigorous binder organizing
– Mexican dinner post first day
– Event planning (zoo, baseball, rock climbing, etc.)

I am pretty wiped out, so I will be more detailed in my coming posts, promise. I can tell you it will be an awesome and challenging year for sure…stay tuned  😉


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