Project Minimizing: Catch up!

No way has it already been 7 weeks since I started this project!!! Mind = blown!

I apologize for not updating and posting much recently. I am in a transition period right now between addresses, professional positions and states…so yes, lots of craziness!

I am moving in exactly three weeks to a new city in order to complete a dietetic internship to become a registered dietitian (woohoo!!!). So all of these transitions are very exciting, but require a lot of energy, organization and finagling. Therefore I will not be able to post as much in the coming weeks, but no worries, I will be back in full force soon enough!

Ten things I learned this week:

1. Bon in Charlottesville, Virginia is my favorite coffee place to date. The coffee is amazing, they make their own dairy-free milk (soy, hazelnut, etc.) and every Saturday they have a massive bongo circle outside. The environment is fun, inviting and energy-filled. If you’re ever in C’ville, definitely stop by!
2. It is extremely rewarding to decrease the amount of possessions you own. In the move alone my sister and I filled up 3-4 boxes with clothes, shoes and accessories to donate.
3. I can eat anything if it has guacamole.
4. Pancake Thursdays are here to stay!
5. Farmer’s market cherry tomatoes are better than candy.

6. If you are an avid runner, your shoes are really only good for 300-400 miles. If you have a local running store, go there first to be fitted for a new pair, trust me, it’s worth it. They watch you run and walk without shoes first and then have you try out various pairs and work with you until you have found the best fit for you.
7. Lychee and passion fruit sorbet is an award winning combo.
8. I can clean and move almost an entire apartment, by myself….If I pull an all-nighter of course.
9. Gazpacho is fantastic with masa harina cakes.
10. One Meatball Place is a gem! The falafel pita I had was stuffed to the brim with amazing falafel, pickled cabbage, Israeli salad and mediterranean hot sauce.


2 thoughts on “Project Minimizing: Catch up!

  1. Steve Vera says:

    So now I know that you're not hiding in fear from my acquired Scramble prowess! Are you really moving in just three weeks?? I'm so excited for you! And what's this about pancake Thursdays? That's sounds like a good idea…:) Miss you, friend! May your move be smoother than soy milk guacamole! Or something else healthy you would like…


  2. Brieanna says:

    I am indeed, it is beyond crazy to me that it is my second move in less than a year!! I appreciate the well wishes and will continue to honor pancake Thursdays, so you are always invited to be a taste tester, regardless of where I am in the world : ) I miss you immensely and appreciate your blog visits and look forward to the next publication by Steve Vera, author!!


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