Project Minimizing: Grocery Budget Week 5

Please forgive me, I have been a little behind in my budget posts. This past week (6/14-6/20) was such a God send because I really needed to come in waaaaay under budget to compensate for the past few weeks “over indulging”. Thanks to a phenomenal Living Social deal, I was able to pay $10 for $20 worth of groceries!!!!

Budget Breakdown:

Groceries: $15.61
Grand total: $15.61

Seeing any number under $20 is pretty great and makes me want to do it again. The coupon definitely helped, so I may not be that lucky again anytime soon, but there are a few default, money-saving tips that I have picked up on since starting this journey.

Ways to Save:
– Some stores have special sales on their organic products, but usually only one day a week. The local place I frequent here holds their “organic sale” day on Thursdays.

– Follow your favorite stores/most frequented stores on Facebook or check their website weekly because they always have specials. You may not always see the coupon in the mail or paper, but social media is a great way to check in frequently for deals.

Bring in your own bag (good for the planet!) and you may be entered into a contest to win a gift card towards groceries or receive a discount in the future. The Trader Joe’s here always gives me a “token” to fill out and be entered to win a $20+ gift card when I remember my grocery bag, so I always keep an extra in the car.

BULK BINS! This is a great way to get specialty ingredients or try new ones in the amount that you know you need. It cuts back on leftovers and gives you the opportunity to try something new! Bulk bin discoveries: buckwheat (pre-ground), aduki beans, dried cherries, cardamom, red cornmeal….

This week’s kitchen creations:
– Enchilada bake (vegan)

– Spinach bulgur owl (vegan)….this was an accidental creation with awesome results
– Apple pecan stuffed cinnamon rolls with graham cracker crumbles (vegan)

– Pesto omelet with baked sweet potato wedges


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