Project Minimizing: Grocery Budget Week 4

Someone brought in beans and rice to work for lunch and holy goodness were they yummy!

I was cringing a bit at the fact that I had to write about going over my budget by more than double this past week, but I am trying to own that and acknowledge that. To be honest, I really had a wonderful time celebrating with my friends before they moved and budget or no budget, I would not have changed any part of that last hurrah.

Now, this does not mean I am not going to limit my spending even more in the next few weeks, because I am. All small sacrifices to accomplish the overall goal 🙂

Budget Breakdown:

Groceries: $21.42
Out Food: $7.20 + $20.00 + $13.00 + $3.01 ($43.21)
Grand total: $64.63

This week’s culinary creations:
– OAT CLUSTERS!!! Don’t they just scream “eat me!”??

– Pesto/garlic eggs
– Revamped leftovers (eggplant pasta with peas and broccoli)
– Carrot sticks dipped in dijon mustard…yeah it sounds weird, until you try it (come on, I know you’re curious)!
– A strange concoction I made with an egg, a Penzeys’ spice blend and masa harina…think a protein filled piece of corn bread, sort of ; )


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