My Top 10 Favorite Oatmeal Toppings

In no particular order:

1. Cashew nut butter
2. Chinoa granola (of any kind) with wheatgerm

3. Toasted almonds, macadamia nuts or pistachios

4. Shredded coconut (this brand is my favorite)
5. Fresh or dried fruit (apples, strawberry/banana, pineapple/peach, raspberries, mixed berries, fig/pear, mango chunks, currants, raisins, craisins, etc.)

6. Seeds (chia, flax, pumpkin, hemp hearts)

7. Organic grade A maple syrup

This is my classic breakfast ingredients spread…and the extent of my counter space

8. Huckleberry honey (from Montana — rare treat)
9. Spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, all-spice, pumpkin pie)
10. 1 square of melted 80% cacao, dark chocolate ; )


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