Friday Sista-Sista Dinners

I love traditions and especially traditions I have originated 😉

Some family traditions include:

  • Christmas stockings are opened the day after Christmas
  • Christmas Eve dinner is always stuffed crepes
  • My sister’s amazing pumpkin cheesecake will always be a dessert at Thanksgiving
  • Brunch to celebrate big accomplishments or end a rough week
  • First day of school “cones”…it’s a German tradition (I was born there, so it is relevant)

Living with my sister has been awesome, but due to our sometimes conflicting schedules, it can be a challenge to get in some quality “sista-sista” time. Therefore, Friday night make-your-own dinner night was born. Almost every week we try to think of a new dish or ingredient to use and make it together. Some of our creations have included:

  • “Seven” (more like 4) layer bean dip with arugula and a side of blue brussels sprouts (it’s hard to see the color in this picture)!!
  • Cauliflower pizza aka cauliflower dip with beans sauteed in truffle oil, goat cheese and white wine mushrooms…It was really delicious even though it looks a little questionable. Unfortunately someone forgot to squeeze all the water out of the cauliflower puree to make a legitimate pizza dough, so there was little crispness…….confession, it was me. I am determined to master this recipe!
  • Stewed eggplant soup with chickpeas, tabouli and Greek olives
  • Cookie Pie (V), which was mind blowing, delicious, and forbidden in this apartment until I regain my self control
  • “Jive Bars” (V) —name credit goes to my friend Grace who says they made her feel like dancing, ha!


Basically they are white chocolate coconut macadamia nut blondies

We have enjoyed spending time together and although the dinners may not be all that “schmancy“, they are a nice way to start the weekend and are a team effort. I will post recipes for the soup and desserts ASAP, because they were all successful (in my book) and were devoured immediately.


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