Approaching my quarter life crisis??? Nahhhh!

So I recently celebrated my 25th birthday and am happy to say that I did not feel any twinges of disappointment, unfulfillment or general “future” confusion. Sure, my life at this moment was not what I had imagined, even just a year ago, but I am in a happy, healthy place and am so very grateful for that. It has been nice having this time to focus on myself, since it is one of the few times that “selfish” behaviors are totally legit. I do not have children, a mortgage or even a pet to worry about, so I have been enjoying just figuring out how to be the best me (insert cliche “awwww”..followed by pronounced eye roll).

Anywho, details on my birthday weekend celebration (started Friday, ended Sunday):

  • Awesome pottery making session with my mom at City Clay…I made a mug (because despite my total lack of experience, I insisted that tackling this feat was necessary…It may or may not be lopsided, whatevs) and my mom made a lovely jewelry dish. Pictures to come, they take a few weeks to paint and fire.
  • Went to D.C. and ate A LOT of Baked and Wired cupcakes because my day of birth would feel incomplete without their exquisite “cake cups”.
  • Tapas at Bodega, yummy vegetarian options 🙂
  • Outdoor ice skating at the Sculpture Garden…HIGHLIGHT! I am proud to say I did not fall, although there were a few “stabilizing” arm flails thrown in every now and then.
  • Friday dinner at Tavola! I had been wanting to go here for a while, but they do not take reservations, so the wait can be long and I thought it would be nice to enjoy with family since it is an intimate environment and a great place to talk. I ordered a phenomenal dish (pasta with kale, butternut squash and mushrooms in a light sage sauce) that I literally polished off completely.
  • Breakfast (on my actual birthday, which was this past Sunday): I made my vegan oatmeal banana pancakes with blueberries. Clearly.
  • Birthday dinner from Fry’s Spring Station because I was reallllllly craving pizza. Their personal-sized mushroom pizza was exactly what I wanted.

I have to mention my amazing family and friends who gave me the most thoughtful gifts (keeping my simple, practical and eco-friendly lifestyle in mind, which was sooo sweet!). Gift highlights include: all glass tupperware set (so I can finally get rid of all of my plastic), all-natural whole ingredient products (almond soap (my fave), organic chocolate, etc.), groceries from Whole Foods (yesssss!!) and  a subscription for a monthly Conscious Box (each month they send you food and natural products that are organic, environmentally conscious and just plain great). Thanks to everyone who made my 25th my best birthday yet : D


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