*Tisk tisk*

Most Amazing Red Velvet cake I have ever had!!!

So I have a confession to make…in the past few months, I have been less than “perfect” when it comes to my eating habits. Whether it was from tired eating, late night eating, travel eating or just an overall reduced level of mindfulness, I had slipped back into some less than ideal habits. I am being candid because I know many of you can relate and despite my educational background and trying my hardest to maintain my health through nutrition, I fell prey to some of my old routines. I can contribute the “slip” to being over-tired which tends to diminish my resolve and overall self control as well as consecutive holidays and celebrations (Valentine’s day, passing exams, bridal showers, birthdays, etc.) in which I baked and was also surrounded by many of my favorite foods and treats:

Chocolate ganache brownies
The “Almond Joy” cupcakes re-created (inspired by Baked and Wired)

This past weekend all of my friends were home (rare occasion) and we all gathered at the bride-to-be’s house to enjoy great quality time together and some amazing food prepared by her wonderful father and brother. The spread included: lamb burgers, short ribs, chips, dips, cookie cake, ice cream cake, leftover red velvet cake, fried eggplant, etc….an all out smorgasbord really. I must admit I tried every single thing that they had to offer plus some and as delicious as I thought it was at the moment, I was quickly reminded that the ridiculous amount I consumed as well as the unhealthy combination of the food left me feeling ill and a little disappointed in myself. I am all for enjoying oneself and not depriving oneself of anything, but I went completely overboard and am totally willing to admit that.

A more mindful way of going about that situation would have been to “sample” the few things that I never get to have such as 1/2 a lamb burger, a small piece of red velvet cake (not 3!!) and even a little bit of the fried eggplant. Everything else is pretty frequently available and I should have skipped over them. Needless to say on Sunday I had to mentally re-commit myself to getting back on track because I know, just like anyone else, how easy it is to slip back into old patterns, especially when it comes to eating.

The steps I took to get back on track include:

– First and foremost, don’t beat yourself up. Everyone falls off the wagon from time to time…we’re fallible, it happens. Do your best to re-commit yourself to healthy habit ASAP!
– Make sure you are integrating exercise into your schedule. If you find yourself too tired to work out after work, wake up 30 minutes earlier and exercise in the morning. Treat it like an important appointment and don’t skip it!
– Help yourself keep track of what you’re putting in your body. In the lovely age of smart phones, there are apps that can calculate your recommended daily intake in terms of calories as well as track your overall progress. I just downloaded a free one onto my i-phone called “MyFitnessPal” and it’s pretty awesome.
Only snack lightly after dinner if you can help it! Your metabolism slows down the later it gets and eating late night is a sure fire way to gain some extra lbs.
Prep healthy meals in bulk on the weekends or when you have free time. On my days off I make big vats of vegetarian chili or soups as well as grilled veggies, homemade pita chips, etc. Prep yourself for success and it will be easier to stick to a plan.


3 thoughts on “*Tisk tisk*

  1. sarah hansen says:

    I can totally relate to this!! I've fallen off lately myself and am trying to get back on track. Thanks for posting this..(especially the part about not beating yourself up!!)btw, please dont EVER bring those delicious looking cupcakes to work…EVER!!!! 😉


  2. Brieanna says:

    Thanks for reading Sarah!!! It happens to everyone and it is definitely important to not develop a defeatist attitude : ) Haha, I was totally considering making something scrumptious for Saturday, but maybe I will reconsider lol.


  3. Olaf says:

    After healthy loss of about 30 pounds since Aug 2011 on the “Nutrition by Brie” plan, I have been slipping into my old ways of the Wendy's Baconator, :-)) so when I read this it inspired me as you always do Brie. The Vege Chilli you just built is awesome and is an excellent detterent for keeping me off the “fast food streets”. Thanks for applying your education and passion to help us all!


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