D.C. is balmy in January

With my lovely sister, clutching my cupcake bag, clearly.

So I had an absolutely lovely time in D.C. this past weekend. It was a fun/food/play packed 2 days. The whole weekend was made so much better by the fact that I took my DTR exam last Thursday and PASSED!!!! So, I am now officially a registered dietetic technician, woop woop!

The moment I arrived in D.C. I hounded my sister to take me to Dean and Deluca (for some yummy spicy tuna rolls) as well as my favorite bakery, Baked and Wired, for a celebratory cupcake…or two. We split three in all, one was an almond flavored cupcake with lush chocolate frosting and coconut shavings on top (my absolutely favorite! It was sooo amazingly rich and delicious, I am currently salivating), one was a vanilla funfetti cake with a creamy creamsicle flavored frosting and the final one was a dark chocolate cake with marshamallow fluff in the middle and chocolate ganache frosting.

Seriously, if you are ever in D.C. you must go here!!!

I know, you are fighting the urge to run out to your nearest bakery right now, but unfortunately these cupcakes were one of a kind, so you would really have to go to D.C. to get the real deal. Let’s just say we made two trips and the second one I brought my visiting friends to experience the magic as well.

We clearly had to try each one we got, that’s what friends are for right?

The weekend was more of a grazing weekend in terms of meals, lots of leftover salads, fruit for snacks, oatmeal and chia seeds for breakfast and on Saturday we had a late lunch at the Peacock Cafe in Georgetown. They have a huge lunch selection, very reasonably priced and serve a pretty extensive brunch until four. It was nice because everyone (it was a group of 8) got what they wanted from a salad with a salmon cake, veggie burgers with quinoa, lamb burgers and various sandwiches named after celebrities, ha!

On my trip back home Sunday I was rushed an was not able to grab some food before I left my sister’s house (other than an apple). I was worried because although there are plenty of options at the train station/on the train, I really did not want to load up on greasy heavy food and feel sick all the way home. I stopped into a Starbucks for my usual Americano and saw a cute little lunch pack (tuna salad, whole wheat crackers, green beans, cherry tomatoes and a few slices of cheddar (which I didn’t eat). I bought it and snacked on it a little later and was pleasantly surprised. The tuna was not half bad and the overall portion/combo was perfect to tie me over until dinner. Who knew Starbucks would save the day!?


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