Dessert Disasters and Victories

So last week I had a major sweet tooth and ventured to try a new dessert recipe. My sister received a gluten/dairy-free cook book, so I flipped through the pages and found a pear sorbet recipe that looked quite yummy and simple to make. It used all natural ingredients, had little sugar and was all in all a very low calorie treat.
Too bad I was only half right…It was super easy to make, but the end product was not very good. The texture was off and reminded me more of a crunchy snow cone, not a smoothe sorbet and the flavor was absolutely lackluster. Boo to flopped dessert attempts!!
I decided to move on and concoct a dessert with three of my favorite flavors: chocolate + peanut butter + banana = mouth heaven. Lucky for me, you type in chocolate banana anything on google and hundreds of results pop up, so it was not difficult to find a recipe I wanted to use that didn’t contain 3 sticks of butter (yikes!!!). Once I did, I got straight to work and created some of the best cupcakes I have made to date. This recipe definitely gets a prized spot in my saved/go-to desserts, yay! The final product consisted of moist, flavorful banana, chocolate chip cupcakes with luscious peanut butter frosting. I am craving one as we speak. Too bad I have to wait until next week to get my bake on (going to visit the sis this weekend). Stay tuned for some new posts on D.C. restaurants, affordable cooking, sugar substitutes and of course beneficial bites!
Naked cupcakes
Ready to eat (and sitting in the new cupcake carrier I received for Christmas!!)



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