Beneficial Bite of the Week!!


(curried squash soup)

I was at a friend’s house yesterday and her mom asked me to name some food sources of potassium, other than bananas. Now, I should have been able to list off at least five due to the fact that potassium is an important electrolyte (a deficit in potassium can lead to an irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness, nausea/vomiting and mood changes). However, when I couldn’t, I decided to do some research of potassium-rich foods to not only inform myself, but to share some facts with you as well. Overall, the majority of people consume enough potassium through a well balanced diet, so don’t fret.

Here are some great sources of potassium: acorn squash, butternut squash, potatoes (with skin), spinach, lentils, beans, watermelons, yogurt, raisins, zucchini, brussels sprouts and orange juice (to name a few).


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