What do you eat when you have no electricity?

So I apologize for the large gap between now and my last post. Monday evening was the first time in 9 days that I was able to switch on a light, turn on my computer and even heat up the stove. It was definitely a struggle figuring out what to eat, each and every day because we no longer had the use of our refrigerator, microwave, oven, blender….you get the idea. I have a relatively set food schedule as well as preference throughout the week and most of what I usually consume was either unavailable or I didn’t have the right “equipment” to prepare it. Here are some of the ways I was able to somewhat maintain healthy eating habits despite the less than ideal conditions:

1. Thank God for peanut butter! I was able to take spoonfuls for a little hit of protein and healthy fat and deliciousness of course.
2. Whole Foods, I thank you. I went here a few times for some spicy salmon rolls (they have pretty good sushi) and the lovely salad bar. They can be somewhat pricey; however, I was able to concoct a few awesome salads (kale, mixed greens, quinoa, corn, peppers, squash, chicken, craisins, etc.) and also buy Poland Springs seltzer water (my favorite!) for around $6, which was pretty reasonable.
3. New discovery: Laurel Hill PUMPKIN SEED TORTILLA CHIPS!!!! Now we’ve been over this before, but I have a very strong love for all things pumpkin. To stumble upon these in Whole Foods was an absolute treat. The flavor was absolutely awesome and they actually incorporated pumpkin seeds into the chip. Now granted I would not classify chips as “healthy”, but the addition of pumpkin seeds (they contain some good fat) helped these chips redeem themselves.


5. Oatmeal was my choice breakfast seeing as we were able to heat up water on top on our fireplace. I sampled some instant blueberry as well as apple cinnamon oatmeal with added flaxseed.
6. Finally, apples were my essential/convenient snack of the week.

It was a challenge, but we survived and I have never been more thankful to be able to use my kitchen appliances.


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