Happily Surprised

I was thrilled to stumble upon a new brand of greek yogurt when I visited my sister in D.C. about a month ago. We were walking around before lunch, waiting to meet up with some of my friends when my intense pangs of hunger could not be ignored any longer. In a panic I scanned the nearby store fronts, deciding where to find a snack that would not leave me feeling too full or hopped up on sugar. My sister suggested we try Dean and Deluca (I will elaborate on its amazingness in my next post). I looked at the delectable cookies, chips, specialty sushi and crackers and realized none of those things would suffice for a “healthy/light snack”.

 Finally I made my way to the yogurt section and decided to try the Fage Greek Yogurt with strawberries. Not only was it creamy and delicious, but it packs a good amount of protein and made me feel full until lunch. I usually only use plain Chobani Greek Yogurt in my recipes, but Fage is now a new favorite snack that I’d suggest to anyone.
My sister enjoyed an apple, which was also an excellent choice for a pre-lunch snack!

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