My Top 10 Favorite Healthy Foods

First off, let me apologize for taking so long to make a new post. This past week was busier than usual with a birthday party, my graduation party and also Father’s day.

(Note: I had the ultimate kid’s party with a bouncy house, dunk tank and snow cone machine. Thanks again to my wonderful family for making it such a ridiculously entertaining day!!!)

 Princess bouncy house of course

But now that it has quieted down a bit at my house, I figured I would start the week with a new top 10 segment. I LOVE food and I love it even more when I know that it is nutritious and has a positive effect on my body (full of fiber, vitamin rich, even super fatty (the good fat of course)). So here are my top 10 favorite healthy foods/ingredients in no particular order:

1. Oatmeal
2. Bananas (I probably eat at least 1 banana/day)
3. Quinoa
4. Raspberries
5. Almond butter
6. Whole wheat pitas
7. Salmon (raw or cooked)
8. Greek yogurt
9. Brussels sprouts
10. Asparagus


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